Coach, Podcast host, Agent of Change, Strategist, Educator

Cal Alumni, Boxing Enthusiast & Participant, Music Junkie, Coffee Aficionado, Dance Machine


My work is as multi-faceted as I am. I have designed a coaching and consulting practice that honors my passion for both social equity and personal empowerment. You cannot create an equitable, diverse and inclusive society without teaching and empowering individuals to walk in their purpose; the two branches of my work naturally bleed into each other. My unique approach is a holistic one that considers the person, their identity and experiences as well as the communities in which we live. I’ve used my training, education, resources and personal journey to create a signature system that supports, edifies and guides, you, my clients through a process that allows us to take an honest look at how you can begin living in alignment with your vision, values and belief system.

I’m guessing you landed here because you know that you have work to do but you also know that you can’t do it alone. Give yourself permission to get out of your own way, explore how we can work together below!


Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Education & Coaching

A signature diversity, inclusion & equity coaching and training program for those ready to step confidently into the role of Accomplice!

Empowerment & Authenticity Coaching

Individual coaching for those looking to live a more authentic and empowered life. A holistic and personalized approach with a unique blend of personal and professional development.

Group Facilitation & Guest Speaking

Effective communication and open dialogue are imperative to personal, professional and communal progress!