Retreats to come:

  • “And So It Is” co-hosting with Jen Harrison & Julia Wells ~ Bali, Indonesia ~ 9/25 - 9/29 : Click Here For More Info



When you find yourself in one of those life moments that leaves you feeling lost, out of wack, unsure of the “who.what.where.why” of your own life - it is time for an intensive!

These life moments are like quick sand and can very quickly make you feel like you are being swallowed alive. Your personal and professional life will be effected, your relationships and, most importantly, your mental, physical and emotional well being!

An intensive is a single day “re-alignment” if you will - a rescue pole to pull you out of the sand! It doesn’t matter if you are already on your personal development path or just getting started, contact me and let’s get you back on solid ground!