Identity & Mindset


Journaling Prompts

  1. What are your social identities?

    1. Race

    2. Ethnicity

    3. Gender Identity

    4. Sexual Identity

    5. Nationality(ies)

    6. Language: Native English Speaker or English as a second language - additional languages spoken

    7. Education Level

    8. Socio-Economic Level ( Work through from Childhood to now)

    9. Ability (Able Bodied or Disabled)

    10. Body Type

    11. Religion

    12. Introvert or Extrovert

    13. Any other identifiers that you feel deeply connected to - i.e, maybe you were adopted, an abuse survivor, the city you grew up in, 1st gen American etc)

  2. Now that you have your list of identifiers, go back through your list and write down how you feel about each identity.

    1. For each identifier work through if it feels limiting or liberating. Is it privileged or marginalized and do you feel that weight or freedom?

  3. How do your social identities inform how you show up in the world? Take a look at both each identifier individually and then as a whole, as the intersection of all of your identities.

  4. How do you feel you are allowed to show up in the world?

  5. Now take a deeper look. Where do those beliefs come from? What are you earliest memories of these beliefs? Who/What reinforce those beliefs for you?

  6. Do you feel as though those beliefs are your own, or have you adopted them because they are the norm (familial, social, cultural etc)?

  7. Do you show up in the world fully expressed or do these beliefs limit you, if so in what ways?

  8. Do you show up everywhere in the same way or does being in the presence of certain settings, communities, groups etc cause you to change your expression of self.

    1. Take a look at where you feel freest and most fully expressed vs where you do not - what is different about those environments?