IF you identify as a Black, Indigenous, Woman of Color and you are READY to step into your power, gifts and magic without apology, this is for you!

ReClaim is for the BIWOC who are tired of asking themselves if a space has been curated with them and their experiences in mind….wondering if the space is safe!

For the BIWOC who have no patience left for being in masterminds doing so much emotional labor that they don’t have anything left for themselves!

This is for the ones that know that they are playing small, hiding, living out of alignment or simply turning their own shine down!

This is for the ones ready to decolonize their beliefs, to liberate themselves, to unpack all of shit the White System of Oppression has managed to fit into the suitcases of our souls.

For the BIWOC who are done “staying in their lane”, the ones carved out for us based on the identities that we hold.

The Details

This is a 3 phase mastermind:

Phase 1 - Unpacking Identity: liberation & decolonization

The identities we hold are so deeply tied to how we show up in this world. These narratives are formed as early as 6 months old and are wired into our behavior and beliefs from our family, our social circles and social institutions. This first phase is focused on unpacking your identity and decolonizing your behavior and beliefs. We will work through your personal narratives so that you can face them head on and rewrite them as you see fit! Author your narrative in a way that feels authentic and aligned…a way that allows you to begin to show up as your most authentic self! You WILL craft a narrative that lets you live out loud!

Phase 2 - Protecting your peace

I’m not gonna fake the funk - living out loud is not easy in a world that wants to see women and more specifically BIWOC sit in a corner and be seen and not heard. So yeah, you’re going to learn how to take up space, ask for what you want and need, amplify your own voice, be bold and unapologetic. MORE importantly, you are going to learn how to do all of that AND the skills necessary to maintain your mental, emotional and physical safety. You will learn to set boundaries, navigate whiteness and the patriarchy, you will acquire a tool kit that will enable you to protect your peace!

Phase 3 - Strategic Implementation

Soooooo…. no one is coming to save us sis! We gotta do it for ourselves! Phase 3 is about embracing the liberated version of yourself and letting HER lead the charge on claiming the life that YOU want! What does the most powerfully rooted, liberated and unapologetic version of yourself want out of life?? Professional, personal, romantic, social …. they can all change and YOU get to decide that! We will get clear on those decisions and do deep strategy work to cultivate a life that is so fully aligned with who you are that you’ll legit wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

The Structure

  • 15 (max) dope ass baddies ready to break their societal shackles

  • 3 live group calls a month to have your questions answered, get real time coaching and processing (currently set for Thursdays)

  • A private facebook group to share, celebrate, vent, get feedback & support, problem solve and build community

  • Tons of bonus training, tools and action items

  • Opportunity for a la cart 1:1 coaching

  • 9 months: Oct 2019 - June 2020

We lit! Having all the feels? Scared, excited, unsure, nooooot ready, hella ready, anxious or whatever else in between? Good! That means you’re alive and that also means that something in you is moving and responding! I invite you to get on a call and explore whatever it is that you’re feeling and we’ll decide together if this is the right next step for you!