Effective communication and open dialogue are imperative to personal, professional and communal progress! As a facilitator my goal is to provide support and guidance as you and your peers work through potentially difficult conversations to achieve a mutual goal.

As groups have varying sets of needs based on their goals and where all members stand in their personal and equity/social justice journey; facilitation will look different for each group. Facilitation structure and proposals are created on an individual group basis.

Facilitation can include any of the following:

  • Guided conversation and community support

  • Conflict resolution

  • Strategy development & implementation

  • Group education as needed: communication skills, diversity-equity-inclusion concepts etc

  • Group audit, assessment & consultation

Guest Speaking

I am available to come speak to any group on diversity - equity - inclusion topics and issues, empowerment, personal and professional development etc. In the past I have been a guest speaker (and facilitator) at Universities (including UC Berkeley), K - 12 schools, Art Collectives, youth and women’s organizations to name a few.

I strive to push past the expectations of simply speaking to my audience and make it an interactive conversation that will ensure individual growth and group synergy.


Interested in bringing me in to speak or facilitate?