I spent 28 years of my 33 year old life living for other people. 28 years living to meet other people’s expectations. 28 years following the rules that had been created for me by…well honestly I am not sure who created them, but I know that I learned them by all of the forces that be: family, friends, school, social encounters etc.

I spent more than half of my life looking outward, competing with those around me, trying to keep up, sleeping far less than I needed, with poor health, unmanageable stress levels, NO down time, limited joy, lots of burn out and the nagging feeling of being unfulfilled.

So at 28, as my life as I knew it fell apart, I decided that if I was going to put the metaphorical pieces back together that I would create a life that was my own! It was time to live for me, it was time for me to live out loud!

In that moment, in the ashes and rubble that was my life, I didn’t know exactly what rebuilding would look like but I knew what I didn’t want. I did not want:

  • The white picket fence, 2.5 kids, 9-5 career that looked great on paper - the version of life that we are told means “we’ve made it”

  • To live by the rules society (see the aforementioned forces) had laid out for me, for women, for little girls of color

  • To continue to wear the masks necessary to navigate life, always being “fine”

  • To live another day of a life that did not excite me, the was not full of joy, that was not genuine, that was not guided by a clear vision of what I DID want!

That decision did not immediately free me. I had to let go of familial expectations, cultural expectations, societal expectations etc. I had to find my authentic self, my voice, my purpose, completely independent of all external factors. I had to learn who I was without all of those things!

Creating a life that reflected who I was, a life that allowed me to live my truth daily, meant getting clear on my vision, meant discovering my authentic self and learning the tools and habits that would allow me to live in alignment.

In order to do that I had to do the work….on myself, I had to grow and evolve. I had to create a professional plan that would honor how I wanted to live. I had to acquire the skills to maintain the personal and professional development that I had learned. I had to acquire the language to be able to stand my ground, maintain boundaries, protect my peace and have hard conversations.

I gave myself the greatest, most priceless gift I could: to live an honest, authentic and empowered life…unapologetically! I gave myself the gift of mental, emotional and physical health with the skills and habits to protect it and maintain it shamelessly. I gave myself permission to be all of who I am - all of the time - without making excuses for it.

Yes, it took work.

Yes, it was hard and was uncomfortable.

Yes, it is a constant journey.

I have done the work, made the mistakes, cried the tears, celebrated the wins, I have honored the process.

I have found myself, my peace and I am happier than I could have imagined.

If you are ready to:

  • Take control and responsibility of your life

  • Create an actionable strategic plan for personal and professional development and success

  • Change your life narrative

  • Find your peace, your authentic self and purpose

  • Learn the skills and tools to create and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Protect your peace

  • Give yourself permission to live authentically and unapologetically

Then it is time to for private coaching! Give yourself permission to live your best life, we all deserve at least that.

It is time to invest in yourself!