We live in a social construct that uses race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc to grant or deny “privilege”. Knowing that, as a fact, and working to get to the next level of awakening are two entirely different things however. I am here to help you navigate the journey of social awakening in order to enable you to stand in your truths authentically and with integrity.

My work goes beyond Diversity, Inclusion and Equity education, training and coaching. My unique approach is a holistic one that considers the person, their identity and lived experiences as well as the entire system of power and privilege in which we live. I’ve used all of my life experience, training, education and resources to create a signature system that supports, educates and guides my clients through their own decolonization work.


  • Become an accomplice in "the movement" (see: fight for socio-political and racial equity)

  • Increase participants awareness and understanding of the ways in which both racial injustices and social inequality play out in our lives and their part in the system that reinforces and perpetuates them

  • Empower participants to discover their level of responsibility and capacity for creating change in spaces where their voice is the loudest and action the strongest

  • Create humans, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs that are authentically dedicated to the fight for social and racial equity

Individual Coaching is done directly with me in person or virtually. I co-created and co-teach the virtual group program, Working Towards Woke, twice a year with my amazing business partner and podcast co-host Trudi Lebron. Contact me below for more information on individual equity coaching or visit the group coaching website for more information on the group program and how to sign up!

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