Oooohhh hey, so glad you’re here! So, true to my Weezy style, this is very straight forward and “easy” to get through! All you gotta do is start at the beginning and work your way through. Take your time journaling, processing and really working through these questions for yourself. When you are journaling, take extra time to really notice how you are feeling and where you may perhaps be hyper-sensitive and even triggered…and how does this feel in your body? Those are the only real guidelines to this. This is YOUR journey, so get it how you live! Ready? Cool…let’s go!

Day 1 - Our narrative impacts our boundaries


Journaling Prompts

  1. What are your social identities? (Example, I am a first generation American from the Taureg/Amazigh Tribes of Africa. Cisgendered, female (she/her), heterosexual, formally educated, english as a third language, daughter, sister, ex-wife) How do your social identities inform how you show up in the world or how you feel you are allowed to show up in the world?

  2. Where do those beliefs come from? What are you earliest memories of these beliefs? Who/What reinforce those beliefs for you?

  3. Do you feel as though those beliefs are your own, or have you adopted them because they are the norm (familial, social, cultural etc)?

  4. Do you show up in the world fully expressed or do these beliefs limit you, if so in what ways?

Day 2 - Do you have solid boundaries or naw?


Journaling Prompts

  1. Do you think you have good boundaries? Can you name them, your limits, or asking for what you want/need?

  2. Where do you find yourself doing this well and where do you struggle? (Family, professional, social, romantic, in public/visible spaces, online etc)?

  3. In the moments that you do assert your boundaries (limits, wants, needs etc) how do you feel? Do you feel comfortable or safe? What is it about those moments that enables you to hold your boundary?

  4. What beliefs do you hold that enable this assertion?

  5. In the moments that you do not assert your boundaries, why do you find yourself holding back? What narrative do you hold around how you are allowed to show up/speak up in those situations?

  6. What big aha moments have you had thus far?

Day 3 - Are you ready to be the author of your narrative?


Journaling Prompts

  1. Do you feel as though you are truly the author of your own narrative currently? Why or why not?

  2. What narrative do you want to have and how are you/your beliefs currently holding you back?

  3. Does your life (all aspects from professional to social to the way you dress and speak) reflect fully who you are and feel as though you are?

  4. How do you want to show up differently (taking space, giving yourself permission, amplifying you own voice, needs, desires)?

  5. What needs to happen for you to be this fully expressed version of your self and live a life that mirrors that completely?

Next Steps

You’ve done a lot of writing, thinking, reflecting, processing but now it’s time to get actionable. While transformation work starts with the individual internalized process, it has to be a holistic one. You start with you, from the inside, and then get strategic about how to create the life this YOU wants and needs to live out loud! Not sure how to do that? All good, that’s literally what I love most! Just a little bit curious but not even sure you are ready? That’s still starting point!!!

So get on a call with me and we’ll talk about how to do this, what it looks like to have accountability and support as you do this in a way that works long term and leaves you feeling authentic and empowered instead of fearful, shameful or any other emotion that might be coming up for you!

Schedule a 15 minute chat with me, if nothing else, I would love to connect with you and hear about how this assessment went for you!!